Two step marketing

Two step marketing

Do it correctly.

I always receive postcards. The other day, I received a postcard trying to sell a photocopier. Most of the front and back of the card were coated with small letters.

It was so difficult to read that I actually threw it away.

A few days later, I received a 32-word postcard and said that I could get complete information about unlimited long-distance calling services at 5.5 cents per minute at no additional monthly charge by calling 800 on the card.

I called. I got the information, answered the questions, and ordered a change to long haul service. The company that provided the long-distance service used a well-established two-step sales process.

Step 1. Generate Leads-Call 800.

Step 2. Providing the requested information-It was provided by phone from one of the sales people who answered my question and made me think I could save money. My long-distance bill will cost money and the service will be the same or better.

What’s so good about the two steps?

It’s much easier to generate interest (prospects) than to do the entire buying process (sales).

You can’t even let go of money to prospects and existing clients.

You can use postcards to cheaply advertise to prospects and target customers, generate leads (inquiries about products and services), track them, and convert them into sales.

This two-step process also helps to create a list of people who are fully interested in suggesting that you contact you.

You can then re-contact people you didn’t sell when they first asked, preferably until they bought from you.

Important: Be sure to get the information you need to re-contact the person who replied to the postcard offer.

Repeated follow-ups with the people who contact you will increase your  sales. It is our company policy to track the people who contact you about your product or service.

The most efficient use of postcards:

The purpose of postcard messages is to generate enough level of interest in the prospect’s mind for the prospect to contact you and ask about the offer.

You generate interest and never get their money back (not at all yet). This is the whole two-step marketing process. Generate leads and customers who are interested to contact you for more information.

For the most effective message, you need three parts:

1. Clearly describe the biggest benefits of your product or service (in the long-distance example, it was a cost savings).

2. Justification for them to contact you now.

3. A simple and easy way for them to answer (eg 800 numbers).

Your message should be short and sensible. Short postcard messages generate more reads than long messages.


Call 800-555-1212 to get a copy of the free report. 

99% of business owners don’t know about using postcards to explode profits and never find them

Offer ends on 5-5-21 (Please print the date 3 weeks after the date of submission to create an emergency)

Many respond to find out what they may not know. Remember what they answered. It’s not very interested in the information you’re curious about.

This method works and ensures that it will generate a large number of requests when sent to the appropriate market.

This two-step marketing process works.

Use the tips you read here to compose your next postcard message and see what happens.

You will generate a lot of leads from people who are really interested in your product or service.

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