Two proven and reliable ways to transform more customers

Two proven and reliable ways to transform more customers

If you are a marketer, your main concern is your customers. You’ve probably read and heard a thousand ideas on how to build relationships, retain customers, build a list of potential customers, and retain consumers. But the difficult question is, “How do you convert leads to customers?”

There are many people who look at your ad, think about it, and even say “I …”. They are just waiting to be sure they will do something. There is something you can do to get them to work!

1. Improve the offer
You can’t let go of a deal that is “too good to resist”. Think about it … how often your customers want your product, but do you want something a little more? This leaves a long list of “near sales” that can be converted into actual sales and profits. Sweeten the deal. Make a good offer that they can’t resist.

Now I’m not suggesting you lower your price to sweeten the deal. You can easily load bonuses to increase perceived value without reducing profits. Bonuses motivate sales, perhaps more than price cuts.

Don’t let them smoke. Yes, please put it in the Pronto store for a limited time. They may have to suspend competitors’ purchases to complete your deal, but hey … what’s wrong with that?

2. Monitoring
How do you want to increase your sales by more than 50%? Yeah, that’s good! There’s one very simple tactic you can implement … Follow-up.

Potential customers may not buy your product the first time they see or hear it. It may be the third or fourth time, but you need to hear from you the third or fourth time before you become a customer. Do you have a tracking system?

Offer “almost customers” new offers each month or provide more information about the products you are interested in. It doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Staying in touch there can be a great help in building trust … the key to finding a lifelong customer.

Internet marketers encounter a large number of customers who browse and click on their site. You cannot follow without some contact information. The best way to put together the information you need is to provide a free eBook or informative report that will interest consumers. Once they give you the information to email the product, you get in touch and get what you need to work on turning them into loyal customers.

Personalize as much as possible. If you can get the name of your client … great! Personalized messages are more appealing than “resident” messages.

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