Two little words that make marketing magic

Two little words that make marketing magic

In his classic bestseller,  How to Make Friends and Inspire People, Dale Carnegie’s Chapter 2 is entitled “The Great Secrets to Dealing with People.” I will. The secret lies in this principle: Make an honest and sincere evaluation.

Carnegie said there is only one way to get someone to do something by making someone want to do something. How can I encourage a customer to say good things about you and recommend you? By giving them what they and all humans want: honest and sincere gratitude.

Two magic words

The big secrets of dealing with people (or customers) are often overlooked or forgotten. It is to say “thank you” in a coherent, personal, and above all, honest way. These two words carry out the magic of marketing because customers want to feel important.

Saying “thank you” is also a kind act. But don’t say “thank you” for flattery. It must be honest. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “I can never say anything but what I am.”

“Thank you” supports the referral

Referral uncertainty can be confusing. Can you control them? number. Can you influence them? definitely.

First, you need to provide your customers with valuable products or services. (You already do that?) But your continued interest after offering a product or service may be able to make an even bigger difference in their minds.

Each customer has different satisfaction with their products and services. But all the customers you say “thank you” are convinced they are important to you. This allows you to decide whether to continue your relationship with them and receive referrals.

Direct mail or mail format “Thank you”

If you have never used direct mail and are considering using it, start the Thank You Mail program. If you used direct email or email but didn’t send a thank-you letter or email, get started now.

Thank you letters or emails to your customers are intended for personal and effective ones (you know them, they know you). It is guaranteed to receive a positive response.

Also, it is a nice surprise for mail. They look at your envelope. They think it must be something I need to review, sign, or exacerbate the bill. surprise! They are highly valued. They are important. And it’s you to tell them.

Please write a thank-you letter or email whenever possible. However, do not send it with an invoice or other correspondence. Please be sure to send them separately.

Write a thank-you letter or email

The idea behind a thank-you letter or email may seem simple, but it can be difficult to write. Here are nine tips for writing award-winning thank-you letters and emails.

1. Keep it simple. Half a dozen (or less) lines are sufficient.

2. Be honest. This is very important. If you are not careful, even if you try to be honest, you may feel awkward.

3. Start with “Thank you”. Mrs. Johnson (or name, if applicable): Thank you …

4. Make the  tone warm, but professional. Stay friendly and professional.

5. Emphasize the positive points. Refresh their memory about the positive aspects of the relationship.

6. Provide continuous support. If you can help, please call me …

7. Ends with “Thank you”. Thank you …

8. Use the appropriate fence. Thank you.

9. I have no ulterior motive. Please be pure “Thank you”. Otherwise, honesty will be compromised.

Remember: Saying “thank you” is part of building a strong relationship with your customers over time. Use these two magic words consistently and watch your business and referrals grow.

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