Three reliable ways to fight rising gas prices

Three reliable ways to fight rising gas prices

I heard many people in Leaderland roar about the recent rise in gasoline prices. In fact, it seems to have heard recently. But at least I can’t complain about the low frequency of my columns and articles. Nevertheless, I decided to help overcome this crisis by generously providing: 3 ways to fight rising gas prices!

1. Do not drive the car

This is of course the most obvious solution. If you never take the old Plymouth out of the driveway, it doesn’t matter that it costs $ 125 to fill a 30 gallon tank at the current gasoline price or only about 2.51 miles to a gallon. If you don’t drive, you can’t worry too much.

Of course I know what you say. “But there are places like Tim and Work. Kids are practicing school and soccer, and there are grocery shopping, yoga lessons and dinners at Richardsons. Not everyone can sit around the house to write less interesting articles or search the Internet for Drew Barrymore
A photo like me. I fully understand that some of you have a life. But just not driving your car doesn’t mean you can’t move. answer?

2. Carpool

It seems not so easy now. Use someone else instead of using your gas! Have someone else pay $ 5.50 per gallon of gasoline to take your child to school. Let other people use the retirement fund and cover the gas bill you need to take you back to the office every day. When your daughter needs to cruise the mall, let someone else do the second job so that the SUV can fill up the tank of gasoline. It ’s very easy.

Of course, the concept behind car pooling is that everyone drives in turns. Therefore, in a normal car pool situation, you will eventually need to spend your own car and spend money driving others. But this is not a normal carpool situation, this is a Timward carpool situation (TWCPS). At TWCPS, avoid using your own car by having your carpool participants walk barefoot on 120-degree asphalt rather than ride with you. To achieve this:

(A) Do not wash or clean your car. Leaves a look and smell like a county landfill.

(B) Always keep the child with the worst behavior in the family in the front seat. Have the child eat a lot of candy and he / she is always super hyper.

(C) refuse to discuss anything in your car, except spouse’s bad bathing habits, body fluids, hanging nails, chest hair, etc.

(D) Play reggae music only on the radio. Noisy!

You should never have to worry about someone who wants to ride with you again.

3. Take the bus / subway

Many cities have mass transit systems as an alternative to driving private cars. Don’t worry if you live in a city where you don’t live
Always move. Of course, getting on public transport has some drawbacks, but if you follow these simple guidelines, you can easily overcome them.

1. Do not make eye contact with anyone no matter what happens. Eye contact means someone invites you to a mug.

2. No matter what happens, don’t give up your seat. This is considered a weakness and is considered an invitation to a mug.

3. Start a conversation with a person sitting next to or opposite you, no matter how seductive you are. This is very annoying and can be viewed as an invitation to invite someone to a mug. Even worse, for someone to reply.

4. Be careful to always get on and off the right place. Getting off at the wrong stop can quickly lead to robberies.

5. Do not take your child to public transport. Fellow passengers hate children. The children let you clarify the victim of the mug.

Well, you have it. Three ways to deal with rising gasoline prices. Hopefully, you can use these methods to double the value of your car’s Blue Book just by going to Walmart. Hopefully the next time your friend complains or yells about the gas price soaring,

Just sit and smile, content doesn’t matter. Hopefully it helped readers who were faithful again in times of crisis. And the next time you meet me, I will ask you in return as a simple thank you. Make sure you are not on the bus. I don’t need you to mug…

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