Learn how to easily dress up a presentation

Learn how to easily dress up a presentation

Recognizing an individual’s achievement may say a great deal about that person, but can also show the sincere appreciation of the person who confers and recognizes the recipient’s success. Everyone enjoys receiving the award and being recognized for their efforts. In many cases, trophies and plaques are proudly displayed in prominent places in your home or office. This is a wall, trophy case, fireplace mantel, etc. that can represent a small shrine in some environments.

Looking back at the awards that caught my attention, the first thing that caught my eye was always the logo and graphics. Look at the design (or the structure of the award itself) and then look at the inscription on the plaque.

There are numerous awards such as gratitude, acknowledgment, retirement, and sports. One of the easiest ways to dress up your presentation and make it stand out is simply to apply graphics to the items you want to present. Adding or implementing cool designs will give the winners individuality and make them more attractive to the winners and the individuals who see them.

Adding clip art and logos to your presentation can add value to the award, but at a fraction of the cost and sometimes for free. Organizations or companies that give presentations usually provide logos in printed or digital form and can be easily duplicated. Simply request receipt of the insignia in the required computer format. Nowadays, more and more companies are able to get logos that work within the graphics software environment on CD. In many cases, this can be easily downloaded from the association’s website or sent directly to your address by email.

If for any reason the logo or design you want to reproduce is not readily available, you can always create it or “digitize” it to meet your needs. By digitizing someone’s logo, you can make it available for use in specific computer software programs, as well as in many other applications.

Example: If you need to reproduce a logo for use in the laser engraving process, you can provide it in digitized format in .EPS format. This particular format is one of the more universal types of files that many major software programs can import into the layout screen. In addition, this type of format can be used for other types of applications. The key to creating an image is to better understand the application (or process) that reproduces the design. If you are unsure, we recommend that you contact a professional digitization company to help you create or duplicate your logo.

The World Wide Web has a number of useful sources from start to finish, with logo designs and clip art images stamped or printed in almost any application. The easiest way to find some of these vendors is to enter “keywords” in the search bar of your favorite search engine.

Example: Go to MSN.com and enter the words “laser engraving”, “logo company” or narrow your keywords to more specific industries such as “wedding clip art” or “religious clip art” .

Use a search engine to “search” for the desired application to create a specific type of logo or award, so you can find many choices more quickly and compare services and products online.

As you begin to settle down in the company to assist in the award creation and logo digitization process, ask other types of industry applications they offer. One reason for obtaining this information is for future use of digitized images. However, today we only need to engrave with a logo laser, and next time we will need to create a banner with the same design. If a vendor can create a logo to work with both applications without recreating it, it may be the same as you make time and money

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