“Dating” your customer and enhancing your business relationships

“Dating” your customer and enhancing your business relationships

In business, customers are always right-sometimes confused, misinformation, rude, stubborn and changeable, but never wrong. Have you ever dated someone like this?

Customers are the reason you are doing business. Without them, no matter what you do, there is no business.

Therefore, you need to approach customer service in the same way that you approach dates. Give him good habits and relentless care. Each date is based on the previous date. Each sale does the same to build customer loyalty.

So here are some simple suggestions for “dating” your clients and improving your business relationships.

* Attract customers with your service. The key to good customer service is to treat every customer properly, but it doesn’t have to be the same. Meet your personal needs. One customer may need a lot of help and attention, while another may prefer the opportunity to browse with complete privacy.

* Predict customer needs by prioritizing service over sales. Good service sells. However, people with aggressive services who are always trying to sell more can be a big inconvenience for all their customers.

* Treat customers appropriately by resolving issues. If you can’t help your clients, help them find someone they can. Customers appreciate your help, even when you don’t profit directly from the sale. Think of it as an investment. They appreciate the advice and will remember your business the next time you need your product or service.

* Innovate with the understanding that most rules must be flexible. Never tell a customer who makes a reasonable request, “No, it violates the rules.” Your main rule, never compromised, is to make your customers happy and happy.

* Nourish employees by giving them the care and respect they want their customers to provide. If you handle them well, your employees will be great ambassadors for service. If you treat them badly, they treat your customers badly too.

* Make sure your customer is back. Have a good customer service plan and post it in a central location for everyone to see. When employees realize the importance of good customer service, customers come back many times.

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