5 Reasons to quit your day job

5 Reasons to quit your day job

Most of us will quit the job if possible. We always dream about it, as long as we dream. 9-5 seems to be inevitable. But I, Timothy Ward, is a master of countering inevitable things. I stare at the face “inevitable” and call him a dirty name. STOP WORKING if you want to quit work; I even give you 5 reasons to do so.

1. If I quit my job, I have time to focus on reading my articles, columns and lists. This will make you known in the unemployment and welfare offices. My fame is the small price you pay to live your dream. If you see me at “Today’s Show”, think about this.

2. When I quit my job, I feel great. Stand at the top of the world for about 10 minutes in Cloud 10, live a good life, and look like this: -Please insert your cliché here- Then start worrying about the $ 850 payment method borrowed from Peter Man to run the car notes, mortgages, children’s school clothes, grocery items, and the entire mailbox and award-winning azalea columns It will be. This will probably depress you to the point of suicide assistance, but there was at least 10 minutes of freedom.

3. Daytime TV is the most exciting and attractive TV. Where are the suspected sinkers that quality melodramas, daytime talk shows, judges were paid, and how did you survive without the judges show? Combine this with all the useful commercials that air during the day, “Shows how to make a $ 1,000 stuffing envelope a day”, “Teach you to drive a tractor trailer in four days”, “From home You will be able to earn a degree. ”In exciting fields such as GED preparation and septic tank scrubbers, I wonder why I didn’t quit my job right away, and I swear I won’t work again.

4. In the formerly employed state, we missed all important calls from collection agencies and other bill collectors. Since you quit your job, you will be able to sit home with the eager expectation of these very important calls. Just call a few telemarketers, call for donations from the Sheriffs Association, call you and ask some of the computers to ask you to “ wait for an important message ” I can get out. This is like starting a full-time job without the hassle of getting a salary.

5. Pulling yourself out of bed at 5:45 am every morning is not good for your health. Your doctor will be proud of you until you quit your job with full consideration of your physical health. But he no longer considers you a patient because you no longer have health insurance. But don’t worry. After all, we have a free clinic. Sitting all day in a wet clinic waiting room next to two stage 3 teenagers, Chlamydia is another experience you’ve missed if you continued your main business.

There are people there. 5 reasons why you should go out and quit your job. When submitting a notice two weeks in advance, feel free to quote these reasons to your employer. If she wants to know where you came across such valuable information, tell her that an unselfish friend of mankind provided them to you for free, and I asked in return It was just that you remember me when you need to scrub the septic tank…

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