4 steps to turn your home business into a truly automated system

4 steps to turn your home business into a truly automated system

If you are involved in or are involved in the home business or internet business industry, you will always hear it:

“You need a system to succeed.”

I like to go further. Not only do you need a “system,” but you also need an automated system to take full advantage of your home business opportunities. To go further, automated systems need to reach prospects from every angle in order to achieve the highest levels of prosperity.

Here are four techniques to increase your income by taking advantage of business opportunities at home and on the internet when used with all leads.

Step 1: Create a “Capture” or “Squeeze” page.

Even if you don’t know what it is, you almost certainly see the capture page and even “captured in one”. The capture page is a page set up to provide brief information about a product or service, but prospects must enter the information to get all the details. This is often a teaser or hype page to make prospects want to know more. The most effective capture pages address the personal or financial needs of your prospects and encourage you to enter information and learn more. Once they do so, you may own information about their lifetime and continue to follow them or contact them for other service offerings you do not have or are developing in the future. The capture page is essential to start creating a list that can promote any product or service. A great program that even beginners can create capture pages in minutes is Lead Page Generator.

Special Note: Never lose a list of names, addresses, emails, etc.

Those who are very successful in home business and internet opportunities have thousands of lists they have built over the years. Whenever there is a new product, service, or opportunity to promote, send it to the list first. This gives you a great start, and if your product, service and opportunity has been successful in the past, your list will follow you everywhere.

All of this leads to email autoresponders, the second technique for creating fully automated systems.

Step 2: Follow up on prospects by email

This is the simplest and most recognizable form of tracking. When creating a capture page, simply link the info form to the auto attendant feature. This is very easy to do using a service such as aweber. Now, as prospects enter information, not only will they retain the information in the list, but they will also be able to follow up daily, weekly, and monthly without taking their fingers off. Of course, you’ll need to create follow-up emails in advance, but once you’re done with them, follow up with your prospects over and over again without any extra work.

Email is a great tool for automating systems, but it is often the only tool people use. This is a big mistake. Importantly, spam laws and people are filtering email accounts, which has significantly reduced the effectiveness of email tracking and marketing.

To reach as many people as possible, you need to approach from different angles.

Step 3: Follow up with audio broadcasting system

Voice broadcasts provide another way to track leads. It’s a great tool, and it’s become more like “new mail” these days. Emails are captured by spam filters and controls, so you should try to reach your prospects using other methods. Apart from email, audio broadcasts are the easiest and cheapest way to track. In addition, voice broadcasts allow the system to be fully automated. Record a single message or series of messages, collect prospects’ phone numbers on the capture page, and then configure your voice broadcast software to make one, weekly, monthly, or any method of calling. I can. There are many services to use. Goldcalling, voiceshot, probuilderplus and protus are just a few examples.

Step 4: Postcard tracking

Direct mail is much more forgotten, but it is often the most effective tracking method. Postcards are a great way to make sure your prospects are listening to you. Simply collect your broadcast information on the capture page and you’ll have great tools to help you make sure you’re increasing your sales and revenue.

There are several services that allow you to set up direct mail campaigns that act as an automatic email response feature. In my opinion, the best service is PostCardAutoresponder.com. You can enter your prospect’s mailing address and set up a campaign to send postcards once, twice, a week, a month, or any way you like. Once set, you will forget it. Autopilot allows you to contact prospects for a year. You can also create personalized postcards for any business, service, or opportunity.

Creating an automated system for your business with this simple 4-step plan will definitely increase your sales and revenue. What’s more, not only is there an automated system that works for you while doing what you love, it’s a system that reaches out to prospects from every angle, so they’re sure to receive your message early. often. Keep in mind that having a system is not always enough. You need to have an automated system that allows you to connect each prospect you will work for yourself while you are focused on growing your business.

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