33 Reasons to Make a Press Release

33 Reasons to Make a Press Release

Press releases aren’t the best way to get big coverage in the media, but they can be used to increase the frequency with which your business name appears in press releases.

The press release describes defined features such as business notes and new staff columns. It’s also a great way to let your allies, employees and customers know what you’re doing. For these purposes, we post news releases on our company website, email them, or distribute them through services such as PR Newswire and PR Web.

The following is a quick list of 33 possible reasons for creating and distributing a press release.

* new product

* Entrepreneurship


* Strategic alliance

* New or innovative business strategy

* Company reorganization

* Become public / private

* Return of the company after adversity

* new employee

* Retirement / resignation of important officers

* Executive comments on business / economic trends

* Employee promotion

* New branch

* A new department has been established

* Headquarters relocation

* Announcement of search results

* Major birthday

* Large-scale acquisition of new customers

* Growth of company profit, sales or profit

※Company name change

* Win a major award or be recognized nationally

* Company offering price

* Receive important certification or certification

* Hold free seminars or workshops

* Citizen / Government / Professional Council Appointed Employees

* Availability of guest articles or white papers

* Publication of opinions on hot topics

* Free customer information available

* Business Speaker Bureau

* Charitable support from the company

* Major milestones of the company

* New board

* New website

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