3 lessons on forest meetings

3 lessons on forest meetings

There are three lessons about encounters when walking in the woods.

1) Giant Sequoia

These wonderful trees are a living example that takes some time.

Of course, we need to work with a sense of urgency. You need to do more with less resources. We have to go faster than the speed of chaos.

And we also have to be appropriate.

If you rush to a particular problem, you may get the wrong solution.

For example, a group creates an annual plan to ensure that it ignores actual market conditions, organizational limits, and individual support. The result is a document that no one uses.

For example, a strong group makes decisions without listening to the thoughts of others. And the bad situation gets worse. In fact, the neglected side can retaliate with enough force to lose the status of the original group.

Even better: Take the time to make sure that all considerations are included in your plans and decisions. If you are planning a meeting to solve a major problem, hire a qualified facilitator to help you achieve lasting results.

2) Bear cub

This little kid behaved like a clumsy toddler while Mama Bear was doing her job to make groceries in the supermarket. The little kid climbed a log, dropped a rock, and dropped something on his mother. And through this play, Mama Bear continued to work, bite and eat the plants.

In other words, she kept eating until the Son of A Lion ran towards me. So Mamakuma looked up, roared, and chased the child. (I think she did it because I ran away when Mama Bear roared.)

What is the point?

Since it is part of growth, you may have to tolerate the right amount of confusion. It’s part of allowing people to explore. It’s part of making people personal. Of course, when a threat arises, we have to handle the problem ourselves. And maybe we just need to growl to restore order.

3) Mustang Clover

In spring, the Sierra Nevada Mountains are covered with Mustang clover patches. These small flowers (usually less than 0.5 inches in diameter) look like simple little pink dots as they pass by. But if you stop and take a closer look, you will discover a masterpiece of intricate beauty.

Point: Are you pausing to notice important details? Some remind us of the beauty of life. Others can be important indicators of business health.

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