17 Similarities between Women and Computers

17 Similarities between Women and Computers

Before reading further, note that this is not part of hurting or reducing the important role of women in our society. Please read the following as humor only. These are for laughter only.

Women are unique in many ways (which means I am different from men) and have that particular uniqueness or specific characteristics that I mention when you compare a woman to a computer. Please don’t get angry. The purpose is to make a smile.

1) Women are like computers in that they cost more than you thought.

2) Women are similar to computers in that they don’t do what you think.

3) After a while, you can’t simply do without both a computer and a woman.

4) A computer is like a woman. If you get used to computers and can’t do without them, you’ll find that computers are not enough.

5) Some computers, like some women, serve many people.

6) If you only know the right code, you can use your finger gently to do miracles in both.

7) If they are inactive for more than 15 minutes, they disappear.

8) Like a computer, the person running her has more privileges than anyone else running her.

9) If there is an electrical short circuit, they will cut you off and then you will not always be able to return to the state before the short circuit.

10) Usually available and receptive at night, but much better if available and receptive in the morning.

11) Finally, confident they will do what you want, they go out and do other things.

12) The only thing you can predict about the future with them is that they react unpredictably.

13) The same is true for computers, like women. Every year, new models are released that offer younger, more advanced and more features.

14) Women are like computers. You are happy with what you have, but when you see what your friends have, you are confident that you want what they have.

15) Women are similar to computers, no matter how much you improve and tackle them, they improve only for a short time and then return to the same old pace.

16) Women are like computers and every day promises that new programs will revolutionize your knowledge and their use, but after spending a lot of money, you work better than the previous one I notice that there is nothing.

17) Women are like computers. You always want what others have and they want what you have, but you can’t even switch on a trial basis.

18) A woman is convinced that you are the best when you get a computer. But when the times are back, you wonder why you didn’t get them with alternative notes.

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