10 ways to determine if your PR business is right for you

10 ways to determine if your PR business is right for you

Public relations play an important role in the success of your business. And for PR to be productive, you need to trust more than friendship and basic instincts when choosing an “ideal” PR company. Since public relations is all about communicating and guiding your business towards realistic goals, there are some important and specific issues to consider.

Make it clear that public relations cannot be handled by the company alone. It’s a partnership between you and a public relations expert. It is your contribution that gives direction to the public relations business. On your side, you need to spend time with the public relations team on ideas, providing complete and up-to-date information, providing advice, and reviewing company-generated materials. PR is successful only if the rationale is clearly defined.

1. The company must have previously worked for a company like you or have a strategy to use to achieve your immediate public relations goals.

2. The public relations company needed to update the system to include all the latest news in media and communication.

3. The company needs to have a good understanding of your business and a clear idea of ​​the amount of strategic and tactical support it can provide.

4. Determine if the person assigned to the project has both experience and expertise. Find out about their successes and failures.

5. See if you can comfortably reach your target market and if you can quantify its value.

6. Study the suggestions they offer in your project and use your in-depth knowledge of the business and market to determine how well it works.

7. The dedicated public relations company will not hesitate to disagree with you on any aspect of your plan that they disagree with. They know inside and outside their business, and they know what works and what doesn’t.

8. The business should not be limited to a series of meetings, but should be subject to continuous interaction and a review of the work performed and its subsequent results.

9. The contract must be clear and transparent with no hidden clauses. Public relations companies need to have a clear understanding of their responsibilities in the contract and a system to clarify those responsibilities.

10. Be sure to check their testimony and credentials. Refer to case studies to determine their effectiveness and conduct research to find out where you are in the market.

The most appropriate definition of public relations is the definition of the American Public Relations Association Counselor Academy. He states: “A good relationship between a client and a PR company or advisor is a matching of features and needs, 100% agreement on goals, continuous and immediate accessibility, information, interaction at all levels, regular updates. , Progress review, clear contractual agreement.”

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